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Loss Prevention / Fire Protection Design

Property risks – fires, explosions, windstorms, flood, etc. – can be mitigated by the installation of loss prevention and control systems. As most of these events cannot be anticipated in order to test the installed systems, a well-executed design, based on recognized technical standards (NFPA, FM Global, etc.) and correctly installed, are paramount so that a fire, for instance, can be controlled and extinguished within acceptable damage levels, avoiding long business interruptions and property and image losses in competitive markets.

Correctly identifying the risks and their energy release potentials, initial characteristics, if it will result in a tridimensional or pool fire, etc., is fundamental for the selection of the adequate protection system to control the fire in its initial stages, as well as explosions or other losses which could be prevented. Natural hazards are equally researched regarding their characteristics and the best way to be prepared to mitigate them. Based on these characteristics and with full knowledge of the technical standards and existing technologies, it is possible to design and install systems that will effectively protect property, always considering the best cost to benefit ratio. In order to achieve these goals, we help our clients offering the following services:

- Identification of hazards and their characteristics to define the parameters for prevention and/or protection;

- Development of complete design documentation and hydraulic calculations in specific calculation software, based on national and/or international technical standards (ex.: NFPA, FM Global, etc.);

- Preparation of specification documentation for fire design;

- Plan review (hydrants, sprinklers, gaseous extinguishing systems, etc.) of designs developed by third parties, presenting recommendations to comply with national and/or international technical standards.

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